After a year of designing, building, and testing out different prototypes with her, we have successfully completed and delivered a working adaptive hand device to Brooke! Since our last update, Brooke has moved back to North Carolina and is working in a pharmacy in Wilmington, so we were able to meet with her earlier this month to make this delivery.

Image uploaded from iOS

Brooke’s hand device is based off the K-1 hand, an open source model that uses wrist motion to close the fingers and enable grip. We made modifications to this design in order to capture a specific pinching motion that Brooke was looking for: in the final version, the index finger snaps down towards the thumb when she bends her wrist. With this movement and the non-slip material on the fingers, she can use this hand to pinch skin for administering subcutaneous injections. Another fun addition to this design is a fork-holder attachment, which we incorporated to help Brooke keep a grip on steak or other food while cutting with her other hand.

We have loved working with Brooke on this design, and are so grateful for her patience and enthusiasm!