A flurry of weather hasn’t stopped us from getting back into our work. Very eager students came out to our interest meeting and first general body meeting to learn more about our recipients and projects this year!

Interest Meeting ideas for cool device attachments!
First general meeting with a design challenge to create an attachment to help play an instrument

We also had a pop-up exhibit at The Ruby Makerspace’s Art+Tech Fair sponsored by the Co-lab and created a design challenge for our visitors. They had to draw a 3D Printed Wearable/Accessory. Congratulations to our winners:

1st place- Maddie Go “Swiss Army Barette” designed to aid young women in times of emergency
2nd place- Viraaj Punia, “Cup holder Belt” to store cans, bottles, and drinks on the go
3rd Place-  “Hand/Arm Cast” to bring fashion and support to injuries.
Honorable Mention- Kilian Sadowski de Prada, “Throwing Baseballpult” for practicing catch

Finally, we want to introduce our newest recipient, Logan, who is 4.5 years old and the world’s next superhero. You can catch him braving the monkey bars or pledging himself to Wakanda. We look forward to working with Logan!

Logan, superhero and fighter!