The Duke University chapter of e-Nable is a student run organization that aims to connect amputee patients in the Durham area with 3D printed prosthetic devices, free of cost. By conducting user-driven research and development projects, and by forging partnerships with local prosthetics clinics, we hope to push the boundaries of 3D printed prosthetic solutions, and to enable amputees with the devices we design and print. 

We are partnered with the Enable Community Foundation (ECF), a non-profit prosthetics organization that works with prosthetists in underserved communities to design and fit 3D printed prosthetic devices on amputee patients. As an official ECF University Chapter, we represent the organization in recipient outreach, and utilize their open sourced designs for prosthetic devices. To read more about the ECF, please visit

We believe in mobility, and are dedicated to helping all achieve it. We believe that we can make a very real and tangible impact with our organization, and plan to do everything in our power to do so.

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