Duke University eNable is a student run organization that aims to connect amputees in the Durham area with 3D printed adaptive devices, free of cost. By conducting user-driven research and development projects, and by forging partnerships with prosthetics organizations both locally and globally, we hope to push the boundaries of 3D printed solutions to enable amputees with the devices we design and print.

Our group was started in spring of 2016 by two Duke graduates, Henry Warder (P’17) and Richard Beckett-Ansa (P’17). We started as an offshoot of a volunteer community known as e-NABLE, which is comprised of students, engineers, and hobbyists across the globe who share open source designs for upper-limb recreational devices. As this is simply a community of volunteers and open source enthusiasts, we are not a part of a national organization. Rather, we consider ourselves a unique Duke student organization that hopes to engage with the open source community and the professional community of prosthetists. We aim to find our niche place in this field by bridging the gap between traditional medical care and creative engineering.


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