Here we will share the design files for the devices we create! Once we make a delivery, we will upload the design files for that recipient. And feel free to shoot us an email if you have any questions!



All of the design files for the Chris arm can be found here in the Google Drive folder. This folder contains both the .ipt files for Autodesk Inventor as well as the .stl files for the 3D printer. The hand was built using the Gripper Thumb Terminal Device file, found here.


Image uploaded from iOS

The preliminary design for Brooke’s hand was the K-1 hand, which can be found and downloaded here. To achieve a pinching motion, we modified the palm by superimposing the thumb in a locked position, and filled in a segment of the index finger to keep it straight. The gauntlet and palm were edited by adding pathways for the Velcro straps, and the gauntlet was cut down to a smaller size. Finally, the palm includes attachments for the fork holder. All of the files for the final design can be found here.