Iris Chang is a senior from Arizona studying Mechanical Engineering and Creative Writing. In her free time she enjoys playing violin and piano, watching football, and swimming. After graduation she hopes to work in Medical Technology designing and testing different medical devices and improving healthcare.

Vice President

Gaurav decent picture
Gaurav Uppal is a senior from New York studying Mechanical Engineering with the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate. He is interested in using engineering and teamwork in the fields of prosthetics and energy to solve complex problems. Outside of eNable he is a member of the Duke Philosophy Society and the Grand Challenge Scholars program.

Senior Project Leads

Beautiful Ian
Ian Eldridge-Allegra is a senior from Ohio majoring in Mechanical Engineering, with minors in Computer Science and Physics. In his spare time, he enjoys table-top gaming and watching movies — the lower quality, the better.
Jake Robinson is a current senior from New Jersey double majoring in Biomedical Engineering and Electrical Engineering.  Outside of eNable, he is a member of Engineering World Health, and enjoys watching movies and playing video games in his free time.
Jason Chou is a junior majoring in Biomedical Engineering. In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis, reading books, trying out new restaurants, and playing volleyball.

Project Leads

Lina Leyhausen is a sophomore majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science. She is originally from Bremen, Germany, but more recently lives in Florida. Outside of eNable, she is part of Blue Devils United, and also enjoys playing the harp and reading.


Leo Akers is a pre-med sophomore from Florida majoring in Evolutionary Anthropology. In his spare time, he enjoys watching movies, the outdoors, traveling, cars, and building computers.
Juan Lasso Velasco is a Junior from Columbus, Nebraska studying Mechanical Engineering. His goal is to enter the innovative end of Biomechanical Engineering and design solutions for many types of common disabilities. Outside of eNable, he is part of the Girls Engineering Change, Duke Jiu-Jitzu club, and Duke Marching band.
Alex Kornegay is a junior from Sugar Land, Texas majoring in Biomedical and Electrical Engineering. Outside of eNable, he is a lead engineer on the Duke FSAE team. He enjoys fishing, baseball, and playing disc golf in his free time.
Sachit Menon is a senior studying math and computer science with a primary interest in machine learning. Outside of eNable, he enjoys reading and watching videos of dogs.

Senior Executive Consultant

Claire Niederriter is a Masters in Biomedical Engineering Student from Pennsylvania majoring in Biomedical Engineering. In her free time she enjoys playing basketball, kayaking, watching various sports, and cooking for friends and family. (Duke BSE ’19)


Richard Beckett-Ansa ’17, Co-Founder
Henry Warder ’17, Co-Founder
The Chris Renaldi Team
Left to Right: Joel Tewksbury (Senior Project Lead,) Emily Shannon (President,) Gabriel Antoniak (Senior Project Lead) ’18
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Jaydeep Sambangi (Senior Project Lead), Dec ’18